November 2014, Issue #1
Seeing in the Dark



I. Living By Dream

Miriam Greenspan

Seeing in the Dark

Deena Metzger

Living By Dream

Susan Bradley

Dream Dogs 1 and 2

Patricia Reis

Over the Edge

Cynthia Travis




Sara Wright

Angels: After the Maine Bear Referendum

Marilyn DuHamel

Call and Response with An Irish Brogue

Susan Cerulean

Holding Sacred Posture

Kristin Flyntz

Grieving with the Elephants

II. Towards a Resurrected

Sonja Swift

Good Morning, (End of the) World: Notes toward a Resurrected Knowing

Jan Clausen

Veiled Spill #11, #12, #13

Cynthia Travis

The Original World


Letter from Demeter

Susan Bradley

Hexagons with Packets

Kate Miller

Bearing the News: Wolf Hunt Revived in Minnesota

Sharon Rodgers Simone

A Parliament of Ravens

Marilyn DuHamel

Broken Open

Margo Berdeshevsky

In the Falling of Late Fire Days
And Our Hands
L’Amour n’est pas mort

Sara Wright

My Yellow Spotted Lady

Regina O’Melveny

Corydalidae cornutus

Dyana Basist

What the Aspen Revealed

Harriet Ellenberger

Desire Spoken under a Night Sky

Moe Clark


Susan Bradley

Dream Dogs 1 and 2

Dream Dogs 1 - Susan Bradley

Dream Dogs 1 - Susan Bradley

Dream Dogs 2 - Susan Bradley

Dream Dogs 2 - Susan Bradley

“Dream Dogs 1” began as an image from recurring childhood dreams of crossing rickety bridges over big seas. In this image five dogs gaze out toward a collapsing train bridge. The original dog image was made when I was a very young girl, drawn on manila paper, with black yarn glued on for fur. It was saved by my mother and surfaced a while ago. I made several copies of it, varying the sizes to create the group here.

In the progression of the two images I see a correlation between inner and outer realms. The inner, reflected by a build-up of images gone awry due to the effects of accumulated unchecked angst and depression, and the outer world where the “runaway train” effect of unchecked destruction is destroying the natural world.

Susan Bradley Susan Bradley - As a graduate student at The Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, Suan focused on ideas and imagery inspired by the hive and the honeybee. Using a variety of methods and materials she continues to explore this rich topic steeped in ancient history, mythology and spirituality. Her life and work continue to be influenced by the bee and a heightened awareness of the interconnectedness of all.

Human like shapes made with rye using the traditional method for weaving skeps (the traditional homes used by bee keepers)

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