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“Healing is a labyrinth, not a restoration project.”   Eva Saulitis, Becoming Earth

We will begin reading submissions for issue #8, the third in this series, sometime in January. Deadline is Friday, March 8.

For more information about the theme, please see below from the original call for submissions for issue #6.

We are aware this is a big, vague and possibly impossible question. We are aware answers can be found in dictionaries. When we tried freewriting to the question our first sentences went nowhere and we both wanted to throw up our hands. Neither of us was sure exactly what the question meant. “What does it mean, to heal?” is nevertheless our theme for the next issue --- because it came to me, months ago, as the question that needs asking now, and has stubbornly persisted. And because just days ago I decided to consult the “Healing” card in the Zen Tarot deck and the first line read: “It is a time when the deeply buried wounds of the past are coming to the surface, ready and available to be healed.”

“What does it mean, to heal?” It is a time when wounds when brokenness when disease have been and are being exposed as never before. When healing is both needed and available as never before.

“What does it mean, to heal?” We imagine there are as many answers as there are beings on this imperilled earth; the forms healing takes are different for each of us. We hope to see a wide range of those forms represented in this issue—expressed in an equally wide range of registers: dream, vision, howl, song, story, poem, essay, artwork, ritual, prayer, etc..

“What does it mean, to heal?” We want the verb to be understood as both transitive and intransitive—i.e. we want to hear from healer-practitioners as well as those of us who are ourselves caught up in the mysterious and labyrinthine process of healing.

“What does it mean, to heal?” We expect there will be common threads , rhymings. As Kristin and I pressed on in our freewrites, there was a moment of beautiful synchronicity:
    KF: it recalibrates our orientation from an exclusive focus on the self to one that puts the self in the context of the whole of the world body from which we originate and in which we live.
    LW: the puniness of this self by itself… don’t forget the moonlight and the trees and the whole fucking universe… it has something to do with oneness.

None of us can heal alone. “The ritual begins when we gather our stories and place them side by side, even when they refuse to resolve,” Eva Saulitis writes in Becoming Earth, her memoir about healing, dying and oneness “… A story of life on a mortal earth is told in the round.” We want to hear what healing means to you, in your own voice. We invite you to join the round.


Dark Matter: Women Witnessing publishes writing and visual art created in response to an age of massive species loss and ecological collapse. It is a home for dreams, visions, and communications with the nonhuman world, especially those with messages for how we might begin to heal our broken relationship to the earth. We welcome writing in all forms and genres as well as artwork in all mediums. All poetry and fiction must be accompanied by notes bridging to the journal’s mission. Context and commentary are required for dreams, visions, and other communications. We welcome submissions by women and nonbinary writers and artists.

Our new column, Aftermath 11/9, features dreams, visions, nightmares or communications with nonhuman beings that respond in some way to this era of escalating danger and darkness—and ideally provide clarity and/or guidance. Commentary is required.

In AfterWords, writers offer responses to books, films, artwork, cultural events—not necessarily current ones—that they feel make an important contribution to our mission. Responses can be creative—the work may serve as a springboard for the writer’s own reflections—and they can be as brief or as long as they need to be, within our 5,000-word limit.

  • Submissions in French and German welcome; we will provide translation.
  • 5,000 word limit
  • Send as MS Word doc or, for graphics, send a Jpg file (up to 250ppi)
  • Send your copy to:
    * Written materials should be sent as one document. *

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