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Trivia: A Journal of Ideas
was born in 1982 out of a group of women thinkers and writers in western Massachusetts who met every other week to discuss literature and philosophy in a feminist context. Publishing essays, translations, reviews, and experimental writing, it quickly acquired a reputation as a home for serious and embodied feminist thought. It went on to become an international, award-winning publication that endured for over a decade. Though often in dialogue with current events, much of the writing in Trivia is ageless, and marked by a radical energy and vision that have become all too rare in this day and age.

archive of print issues (1982 - 1995)

Trivia: A Journal of Ideas began publication in 1982, a time of conservative retrenchment in the U.S. Reagan was riding a wave of popularity that would soon sweep him into a second term in office and the religious right was beginning to make itself felt as a political presence. At the same time, in part thanks to readily available federal and state grant monies for alternative publications, relatively low printing costs, and thousands of independent bookstores, the country was also home to a highly politicized counter-culture. Trivia was one of several dozen radical feminist magazines already in existence or about to spring up. A list of the contents of back issues, and how to purchase back issues that are still in print can be read here.

archive of online issues (2004 - present)

Trivia: Voices of Feminism was born into a very different world than her foresister. This site archives the electronic journal that came online since December 2004. Online archives can be read here.

issue 10
February 2010

Mary Daly
Mary Daly
(Oct 16, 1928-Jan 3, 2010)

"Are Lesbians Going Extinct?" #1


Lise Weil
Betsy Warland

Conversation I

Ruthann Robson
Before and after Sappho: Logos

Elliott Femynye BatTzedek
On Living with a Poem for 20 Years: Judy Grahn’s "A Woman Is Talking to Death"

Conversation II

Susanna J. Sturgis
And Will Rise? Notes on Lesbian Extinction

Deborah Yaffe
My Mid-term Exam in Lesbian Theory and Practice

Cynthia Rich
Letter to Lise Weil

Jean Taylor
Dispatches from an Australian Radicalesbianfeminist

Dolores Klaich
No Longer Burning

Conversation III

Arleen Paré
Reinvention and the Everyday

Chris Fox
The Personal is Political

Esther Shannon
Notes on Reinvention and Extinction

Conversation IV

Natalie G.
Dyke on a Haybale: A Lesbian Teen In Kansas Speaks Out

Em Williams
Gay to Trans and the Queering in Between

Seema Shah
Lesbian Lament

Carolyn Gage
The Inconvenient Truth about Teena Brandon

Conversation V

Elana Dykewomon
Who Says We’re Extinct?

Lise Weil
She Who

Margie Adam
Lesbian: Going All the Way

Arleen Paré
Trivia Saves Lives

Notes on Contributors