CURRENT Issues #11

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Current Issue #11 “A Lesson. A Warning. A Flare: Voices from the Pandemic”

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Feedback: I loved the conversation “Buried Seeds in Burning Times." In fact, as a first-time reader, I enjoyed your whole journal. But I especially wanted to respond to Kathryn Smith-Hanssen’s “Healing with dirt and bones.” (in What is Coming Up for You?) Her dream and imagery evoked my own deep sense of longing for oneness with our ancient spirit-filled earth. As a Dutch World War II survivor, I literally owe my life to the bones in the earth of those who sacrificed their lives tofree the world of oppression. In this current challenging year I had been looking for an “altar.” Kathryn’s powerful reminder of the “ecology of soul” that tells us we can “lay our painful wounds upon Nature’s altar to heal” brought me to tears. Thank you, Kathryn. Hendrika de Vries, Santa Barbara, CA

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Anne Bergeron, “Pandemic Diary: The Mother Tree”

Feedback: When I was reading this piece I felt like I was reading my own story - like you I am hopefully/hopelessly tied to trees and have witnessed the dying of many on my own land, always the anguish.

Like you I dream of women in trees. Once I created sculptures of myself as part tree. I realize now that is no exaggeration. In Maine our trees are in trouble. With this year's drought every maple oak beech ash is suffering from insect damage - the fruit trees have little or no fruit and much of it is deformed… Today when I mailed in my ballot I heard the words come "you no longer vote for presidents or people - you vote for trees, for mycelial nets, for the life of the precious Earth."
Sara Wright, Bryant Pond, ME