A RETROSPECTIVE from Issue #4 and Issue #5

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Winter by Anne Bergeron

I read this narrative re-experiencing the grief I couldn't imagine I would ever have over loss of snow...Because of the freeze- thaw winter syndrome I can no longer live in my home in Maine. For the past two winters I have been living in Northern Mexico - Last year we had winter - plenty of snow on the Rockies - and little in Abiquiu. I thought I was in heaven... One year later I am mourning the loss of snow with the same kind of grief I experienced in Maine. I am mourning the loss of any kind of precipitation. Except for one half day of rain about a week ago - we have been totally dry. Because of the lack of snow on the Rockies there is no snow melt. The river is dangerously low. The beautiful black sage is dying back as is the desert scrub. There is no escape from the heartbreak. Thank you for this moving narrative.

~ Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood, Maine

Nourishing the Future by Sharon English

Oh, such a moving dream and so to the point! If only, if only.... others would get this message.

~ Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood, Maine

AfterWord on Kathleen Moore’s Great Tide Rising by Lise Weil

This world is astonishing, irreplaceable, essential, beautiful and fearsome, generative, and beyond human understanding... This is the wonder-filled world that we are destroying, the lyric voices that we are silencing, the sanctity that we are defiling, at a rate and with a violence that cannot be measured because we have only the paltriest understanding of the world’s multitude of lives.

Well, she nailed it. Moore suggests instead of Anthropocene we name this age we are entering the Obscene era. Oh how I agree.

~ Sara Wright, Abiquiu,New Mexico/ Greenwood, Maine